Bunnylicious Outfit for G8F

Bunnylicious Outfit for G8F

The Bunnylicious outfit is a Retro styled cocktail waitress uniform consisting of 3 Figures, Suit Cuffs and Collars and an number of props including a Bunny Tail and Bow Tie.

The Outfit Comes with a number of shader options to change the look of the outfit. The Shaders are not designed to be used with the Bunny Tail

The surfaces on the outfit can be changed from the Surfaces tab by selecting the surface to be changes and using the Shader presets.

This Suit has a few Special Morphs.
Some Special morphs may not look good when the figure is posed.
Some allow the item to be shaped as if it is Off the figure and not being worn and are meant to be used not fitted to a figure.

The Tail, Bow Tie, Cuff Links and Ribbon Ties are set up with Rigid Follow Nodes and may need some adjustment with some shapes and/or poses

Includes 3 Optional dForce presets for the Suit.
The Suit is designed to work without dForce but will generally well dForced. Recommend for people experienced with and willing to deal to quirks of using dForce (i.e., the occasional explosion).
- Suit No dForce is the Default non-dForce settings for the suit
- Suit Semi dForce is a dForce suit with the Edges and Zipper made stiff to hold the general shape of the suit in a simulation
- Suit Full dForce is the entire suit is dForced

Compatible figures: 
3D Models