Felicia Ginela for G8F

Felicia Ginela for G8F

Felicia Ginela For Genesis 8 Female by Ailyaf Learning. Felicia comes from the elf race and serves as the protector of the village.

Felicia Ginela is elf 1,75m tall.

What includes:

Morphs: Body, Elf Ears, Head (Apply/Remove).

- 2 real body skin (Medium, Light)
- 8 makeups
- 6 eyes
- 8 Lips
- 2 Scleras
- 1 eyelash

Iray Materials for 4K (4096x4096) Textures (Base, Translucency, Bump, Specular).

Cloths & hairs not included.

Compatible figures: 
3D Models