Forest Flair for Genesis 3, 8 and 8-1

Forest Flair for Genesis 3, 8 and 8-1

Bring some flair from the forest to your characters today with this fantasy makeup accessory pack. Perhaps these face paints represent a noble house long lost or originate from a far flung sci-fi federation, maybe they are tattoos of a pagan sect of old, or war paint of the worthy.

Regardless of the origins you design for them, they will add to the atmosphere of your characters. The pack features 4 unique makeup in a total of 16 LIE Placements. Being entirely face related, these LIE files work across all of Gen 3, 8 and 8.1 characters, Male and Female. Each design is hand drawn and created solely for the use in Daz by us.

What's Included:

Makeup 01 gray, Purple, Red, White
Makeup 02 Blue, Brown, Green, White
Makeup 03 Green, Orange, Purple, White
Makeup 04 Black, Red, White, Yellow

* Hair, models, clothing, backgrounds and props not included!

3D Models