Hex Suit for Genesis 3 and 8

Hex Suit for Genesis 3 and 8

The Hex Suit is a versatile body glove, a second skin. Adaptive, protective and thermally reactive. It is perfect for any spy, bodyguard or mission.

Of course, such a suit can be complimented by other outfits and accessories. It lends itself to Super Heroes as well as Sci-Fi, horror and BDSM.

Sexy sleek and stylish, the Hex Suit Geoshell outfit will compliment any G3 or G8 model.

What's Included:

Hex Suit - Deep One
Hex Suit - Erythrocyte
Hex Suit - Honeycomb
Hex Suit - Second Skin
Hex Suit - Sky Fiber
Hex Suit - Static

* Hair, models, clothing, backgrounds and props not included!