Lblc A.i. Crash Site

Lblc A.i. Crash Site

As usual not letting the dire situation take away his control Blue remained calm from the first alarms warning. Keeping his head as he attempts to descend he hears over the radio Pilot speaking to him in their mother language a warning he has dreaded for years. Blue quickly assess and prioritizes his options and the objective was to get Lou and his time intelligence cube ( His work over past 20 years) on the ground safe and quick. Securing his work over last two decades in Lou s bag and giving her instructions to run he had a moment of fear as he watched her fall from the chopper. Seeing her chute deploy and letting go a great sigh of relief he quickly began outfitting himself with the original file and the other cube realizing there was no need to grab a parachute as the chopper was now to close to the ground. Bracing and praying he s timed it right he rolled off the edge of the doomed chopper and landed in a deep snow drift avoiding any major injuries.

Ignoring the pain shooting through his limbs he quickly finds his feet dugs his trusted key chain compass from his pocket and headed for the coordinates pilot gave him 50 seconds before pushing Lou to what he hoped was safety.

Needing to reach his brother in blood quickly and find out what was happening and how his secret project has come to attention of those agents and the agencies that employ them when he along with Pilot had been diligent in keeping every detail of progress made over the last 30 years protected at all cost, what had went awry? He had to reach pilot soon that he needed to secure the A.I. time cube was priority and possibly a life or death sentence for both himself and his brother if not done quickly.

Hearing the chopper hit the ground behind him and then the wave of hot air that rushed at his back there was no time to secure the 3rd cube left behind as it couldn't be avoided Blue had to trust that Pilot would be able to retrieve it before the ones who brought down his chopper did and with that last thought Blue set out on the biggest challenge he had ever faced in his very long life here on Earth...

This set is scaled to fit the Daz and poser character, trees are combined into one group so they cant be moved individually however its the user's preference and it can still be broken down into individual trees with the polygon edit option in DAZ editing tools. The Helicopter has no moving parts they are combined into a single piece for stage purposes, meaning the propeller, control sticks, doors etc. are all static. This helicopter is generic and not affiliated to any particular brand or manufacturer , but was inspired from the 1960s Bell Huey

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