Lblc Death Watch Tree

Lblc Death Watch Tree

Six feet beneath the Death Watch Tree marks the final resting spot for one of histories most notorious and best forgotten outlaws to have ever terrorized the wild west and after sharing a bottle of Space Age rose' with Blue {he is very chatty after one glass}he revealed to me that he is a direct descendent of the man buried beneath this Death Watch Tree, with twelve 7.5oz bricks of gold and 57 12oz bags if silver that holds the corpse down in the grave.

Many treasure seekers who have found this tree and Blues great great grand Pappy's grave have never been seen nor heard from again as it s said the greedy souls that proceeded them diligently stand watch over Pappy and all that silver and gold waiting to recruit their next watchman .

If you aren't afraid of a few apparitions in sheets then grab a shovel and grab that fortune its only 6ft under the ground , but be careful the Death Watch brigade rarely leave their post at Pappy's Death Watch tree.

Modeled in Blender, exported in FBX and setup scene in Daz Studio with Iray, all shaders applied with Iray and rendered with Iray renderer. Extra compositing done in Affinity P
This set includes the following items
ghost x 3
pumpkin x 3
skull candle
wagon wheelhoto.

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