Roscoe for G8M and G8.1M

Roscoe for G8M and G8.1M

Meet Rascal, the roscoe! Wait. No. It's the other way around!

This package include character options for both Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8.1 Male (head & body morphs, full body MATS (with and without freckles), 8 eye color options, and anatomical elements). It also includes genital morphs for the G8M and G8.1M figures, adapting it to size.

DAZ files (IRAY only):

- Apply/Remove Head
- Apply/Remove Body
- Apply/Remove Nipples
- Apply/Remove Navel
- Apply/Remove Teeth
- MAT Full Body (Freckles, No Freckles)
- MAT Brows (Freckles, No Freckles)
- MAT No Brows (Freckles, No Freckles)
- MAT Eyelashes
- MAT + Morphs Genitalia (Cut, Uncut, Foreskin)
- 8 MAT Eye Colors.

There are settings for both G8M and G8.1M, in separate folders.

Compatible figures: 
3D Models