Seeker Face Tattoos for Genesis 3, 8 and 8.1

Seeker Face Tattoos for Genesis 3, 8 and 8.1

Get ready to up your cyberpunk game with Seeker Face Tattoos! This set includes a collection of futuristic and edgy designs to enhance your unique style. It is time for your model to show off their bold statement look in your renders.

Elevate your fashion with Seeker Face Tattoos and embrace the dark side of the future.
The pack features 26 LIE Files and 3 example pre-sets.
Each tattoo is hand drawn (Unless text) and created solely for the use in Daz by us.

What's Included:

Preset 01-03

Cheek Black Left/Right
Cheek Black
Cheek Blue Left/Right
Cheek Blue
Cheek Red Left/Right
Cheek Red

Crosses Black Forehead
Crosses Black Right Cheek
Crosses Gold Forehead
Crosses Gold Right Cheek
Crosshair Black Forehead
Crosshair Black Right Eye
Crosshair Red Forehead
Crosshair Red Right Eye

HappyPills Black Left Cheek
HappyPills Black Tears
HappyPills Blue Tears
HappyPills Pink Left Cheek

Ransom Black Left Eye
Ransom Red Left Eye

Spider Chin
Spider Nose

Star Black Right Eyebrow
Star Pink Right Eyebrow

3D Models