AB Beast Boy for Genesis 8 Male

AB Beast Boy for Genesis 8 Male

The Beast Boy is a stylized character for Genesis 8 Male with classic, yet modern superhero taste about him, in the tradition of Marvel Beast, 'Rilla from Continuity, and the many other ape-like characters from pulps and comics. Whether he will be a hero or a villain is up to you.
His body and head morphs are independent of other morphing packages and can be used without additional products.

The set includes 2 character's head and body morphs and a skin set with several eye color variants (4 natural: brown, blue, gray, and green, and 4 mutant-like: blue, green, orange, and purple).

To further enhance his animal features, the character comes with several fibermesh add-ons for the body hair that can be mixed and matched (chest, back, arms, legs, fingers only, and toes). All are provided with a selection of natural colors (blond, dark blond, red, dark red, brown/base, and dark brown) and less natural ones (blue, green, orange, purple). These last ones can be matched with a set of eyelash colors.

Note: Materials are Iray only.

AB Beast Boy for Genesis 8 Male

AB Beast Boy Full.duf
AB Beast Boy.duf

Shaping Presets:
AB Beast Boy Head APPLY/REM
AB Beast Boy Body APPLY/REM

Material Options:
Full MAT
Base MAT
Eyelashes MAT
4 Natural Eye Colors (brown, blue, gray, green)
4 Non-Natural Eye Colors (blue, green, orange, purple).

Fibermesh Add-ons:
6 Fibermesh Body Hair Options (chest, back, arms, legs, fingers only, toes)
6 Body Hair Natural Colors (blond, dark blond, red, dark red, brown/base, dark brown)
4 Body Hair Non-Natural Colors (blue, green, orange, purple).

Textures Include:
36 Textures, Height, Normal, Opacity, Base Color, Specular, Glossiness (2048 to 4096 px)

Compatible figures: 
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