SV's Glitz Jewels Necklace

SV's Glitz Jewels Necklace

SV's Glitz Jewels Necklace & Pendants. Whats Included:

The Figures:

- 01 Conforming Necklace, follows G3F
- 05 Pendants (matching the Glitz Jewels Earrings), Follows necklace/G3F
- Special Weight Mapping is in place to avoid distortion on all pendants

- Morphs included for necklace are listed properly under Actor:
Adj Back
Adj Right
Adj Left
Adj Front Up
Tighten All
Expand All

- Morphs Included for each pendant under Actor:
Sizing Morph
Adj Up Morph

*Necklace will follow G3F naturally, if you inject/use Bethany/Karen/etc. necklace will follow automatically, in some cases you may need to adjust pendant up, or necklace, hence the morphs. Simply select G3F, load necklace, select necklace, load pendant of choice, pendant will move directly to the necklace and stay there following the pose of G3F, no special pose needed for pendants as they will auto conform.

The Shaders:

These materials work on any surface & come with both Iray & 3Delight Settings:

- 20 Gemstone Shaders
- 02 Pearl Shaders
- 06 Iray Metal Shaders (Gold, Light Gold, Silver, Brass, Pewter, Rose Gold)
- 03 Iray Hammered Metal Shaders (Gold, Silver, RoseGold)
- 05 Bump Map/Normal Maps for the Necklace to create rope/twist/etc.


- Matching Pendants to the SV's Glitz Jewels
- Necklace Conforms to G3F and will move with her, adj morphs are included
- Pendants attach/conform to necklace, each pendant includes 2 adjustment morphs
- Pendants should not "deform" or "warp" due to custom weight mapping
- Created exclusively by Sveva, rendered in Daz Studio with the Iray Render Engine
- Gemstone "Fire" or "Sparkle" will depend on lighting & angle

- Please be sure to check out the DAZZLE add on by -Wolfie-

Software: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures: Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
Accessories for Daz Studio