3DA Daisy & Jewelry - G8F

3DA Daisy & Jewelry - G8F

Daisy for G8F by 3-D Arena is a Summer loving young woman. She is short and stockier but fierce and enjoys the outdoors; surfing, hiking and camping.

Daisy includes her own fibermesh eyebrows and a variety of options from her makeups to differing height options and tattoos. As Daisy is shorter she includes size propagating settings for her hands and feet as well as a taller (though shorter than default Genesis 8 Female) body shape.

Daisy's Eyeliner comes in 3 styles and includes 7 colours and 3 strength options, you can choose your own colour for eyeliners easily. Changing her eyeshadow will not remove her liner and vice versa.

Daisy includes her own jewelry; Choker, Earrings, Bellyring and Anklets for left and right legs. There are included MATs for full set, individual pieces as well as partial MATs to change metals and cord.

In an ongoing attempt to be as versatile as possible for end users Daisy's jewelry is offered inside her character folder along with an option to install to the G8F Accessories folder.

☆ Included ☆

- Daisy Character [loads with eyelashes and her fibermesh eyebrows]
- Daisy Fibermesh Eyebrows

Shaping for Genesis 8 Female:

- Daisy Custom Head Apply & Remove
- Daisy Custom Body Apply & Remove
- Daisy Custom Body Taller Apply & Remove

- Custom Square Nails Apply & Remove
- Custom Round Nails Apply & Remove
- Custom Squoval Nails Apply & Remove

- Custom Lash Morph (optional for use with Genesis 8 Default lashes)
>> 02 Lash Length Settings

- Scale Feet Apply & Remove
- Scale Hands Apply & Remove

- Nipples Apply & Remove
>> 2 Nipple Strength settings

- Custom Pubic Morph Apply & Remove

MATS in IRay:

- Full Skin MAT
- 03 Translucency settings (apply last)

- 06 Fibermesh Brow Colour MATs
- 06 Eyelash Colours

- 10 Eyeshadow Options + Clean Face
- 03 Eyeliner Styles + Remove
>> 07 eyeliner color options (or choose your own)
>> 03 eyeliner strength options

- 10 Lipstick + Nude
- 04 Blush L.I.E. options + Remove

- 10 Eye Colours
- 03 Mapped Eye Reflections + default
- 03 Sclera Options

- 13 Painted Nails Options (fingernail & toenail)
- 01 French Nails (fingernail & toenail)
- Nude Nails (fingernail & toenail)

- 07 Tattoo Options
- Arms Clear
- Torso Clear


- Choker
- Earrings
- Belly Ring
- Right Anklet
- Left Anklet

Jewelry includes various morphs for shaping and adjustments.

☆ 8.1 Info ☆

3DA Daisy is compatible with Genesis 8.1. Just load and use as you would with Genesis 8. The only exception is her lashes; 8.1 has new eyelash and tear duct meshes. You may use the default, or if you prefer you may remove those and load the 8.0 eyelashes and use the included MATs for them.

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Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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