dForce Drow Mercenary for Genesis 8 Females

dForce Drow Mercenary for Genesis 8 Females

To be used with dForce and Iray.

This Drow Mercenary armor set is inspired by a particular D&D character's daily adventuring kit. Being a heavily enchanted light armor set, it's geared towards high mobility and a sense of freedom that comes with using magically augmented mail, which surpasses the physical limitations of any real world scenarios.

This set is made up of a helm, a breastplate, a skirt, gauntlets, sabatons (footwear), pauldrons (shoulder guards), panties and a choker. The full set comes with multiple Iray material options as well as some additional extra material options which were made to order.

Along with the G8F wearable pieces, there are also two bonus items included with the base product: a prop version of the breastplate and a prop helmet. The Prop Breastplate comes with additional options to undo / open up the shoulder straps and back buckles to portray an unused piece of armor or something taken off a character and place on another surface.

Many morphing options are included, which will allow you to shape, fit and alter the set pieces as required.

Please refer to the promotional images for a preview of all the material presets that are included in the product.

What you will get with this pack.

For Genesis 8 Females:

- !Full Set DM Mercenary
- DM Breastplate
- DM Choker
- DM Gauntlets
- DM Helmet
- DM Panties
- DM Pauldrons
- DM Sabatons
- DM Skirt
- PROP DM Breastplate
- PROP DM Helmet

- Black Leather Material for all the set pieces.
- Redguarde Material for all set pieces.
- Lancer (silver) Material for all set pieces.
- Bloodmoon highlights for nearly all the set pieces.
- Some more optional utility materials.

The product promos shown have been created using the current public release build of DS Pro 4.12 using Iray and the wardrobe items have been dForce simulated using Genesis 8 Females models as the base figure.

All wardrobe pieces come with all the necessary fitting morphs for the core Genesis 8 Bodyshapes. And with dForce simulation along with AutoFit they can conform to nearly all Genesis 8 Female character shapes.

All textures have been created in 4k resolution. Also, this product includes HD normal maps in lossless tif formats.
(All of the 4K textures can be reduced down to 2k or 512px resolutions using any of the free scripts for DS or imaging software, with negligible loss where required.)

REQUIREMENTS: DS 4.10 (for dForce) . Genesis 8 Female.

Please refer to the readme for lots of tips and tricks on working with dForce simulations.

Thanks for having a look at this product. And you'll also have my deep gratitude in case you purchase this light armor set up for all of your G8F models!

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Software:Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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