dForce Summer Maid Micro Bikini for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

dForce Summer Maid Micro Bikini for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

To be used with dForce and Iray.

This is a new addition to my "Summer" line of swimsuit series, for your Genesis 8 and Genesis 8.1 Female models. It's themed after the long, frilly French Maid outfits and dresses which are quite popular in all media, except that this has been created in a micro bikini format that will allow your models to flaunt their maid-type abilities in glamorous style.

The micro bikini is a two piece, dForce ready outfit that comes with a good selection of shaping and fitting morphs as well as a few custom global dForce simulation settings that have been tuned for either still renders or for animations. Although I have supplied an assortment of shaping and fitting morphs with the base set, I would still wholly suggest you to throw your own dForm based morphing solutions onto the Top and Bottoms to enhance, deform and shape it to your specific needs. dForm and dForce modifiers go a long way for outfits which are created keeping this combo in mind.

Along with the bikini, a pair of maid themed platform heels is also included in this set. As well as a frilly, lacy mini-apron.

All the wearables supplied here come with a default traditional black and white themed material preset, along with this you also get a greyscale / blank !ColorBuilder material option which will allow you to change the outfit's and heel's colors to something of your choosing directly inside Daz Studio, via the Surfaces panel using the Base Color ribbons.

Finally, an optional Lingerie version for the bikini pieces have also been provided, which will turn the Top into a frilly cup-less (or should that be triangle-less?) version and the Bottoms into an "ouvert" variant of the originals.

So whether it's your gothic mansion on the hill, a chic high end nightclub, a private beach under the summer sun or anywhere else where you need them to be at: this Summer Maid Micro Bikini set will allow your G8F and G8.1F characters to steal the spotlight in all of your scenes!

Please refer to the promotional images for a preview of some the color & shaping combinations that are included in the product.

What you will get with this pack.

For Genesis 8 Females:
- !Outfit Invisible
- !Outfit Traditional
- Bottoms
- Maid Footwear
- Mini Half Apron
- Top

- 1 Black and White 'Traditional' Iray Material preset for all the outfit pieces.
- !ColorBuilder Iray Material presets for all the outfit pieces.
- 1 Black and White 'Invisible' Iray Material preset to turn the bikini pieces into their lingerie versions.
- Three materials: mini, micro & nano, for the apron have also been supplied in order to additionally reduce the coverage of the front bib via materials presets.

- Controller (FBM) support for all the listed G8F & G8.1 characters:
The Girl
Victoria 8.1
Victoria 8
+ Additional base G8F bodyshapes, PBMs and JCMs support for many other regions. Additional characters might be supported through Auto-Fit.

The product promos shown have been created using the current release build of DS Pro 4.20 using Iray and the wardrobe items have been dForce simulated using Genesis 8 Female / Genesis 8.1 Female models as the base figure.

All wardrobe pieces come with all the necessary fitting morphs for a wide array of core Genesis 8 Bodyshapes and Genesis 8 Female Characters. And with dForce simulation along with AutoFit they can conform to nearly all Genesis 8 Female character shapes.

All textures have been created in 4k resolution.
(All of the 4K textures can be reduced down to 2k or 512px resolutions using any of the free scripts for DS or imaging software, with negligible loss where required.)

REQUIREMENTS: DS 4.12 (for dForce) . Genesis 8 Female. Genesis 8.1 Female.

Please refer to the readme for lots of tips and tricks on working with dForce simulations. As well for setting up custom color options and all extra product related information.

If you have any questions regarding this product or feature requests, please don't hesitate to contact me via the sitemail feature over here. Thanks!

And don't forget to follow me here on Renderosity and on twitter for updates on new products, freebies and add-ons.

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Female

Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio