GDN Magic Twirl Jewelry for Genesis 8 Females

GDN Magic Twirl Jewelry for Genesis 8 Females

GDN Magic Twirl Jewelry is a Beautiful, Sparkling & Delicate set of Jewels for the Genesis 8 Female(s). DAZ Studio Iray based Materials. This product is compatible with Daz Studio Version and up.

The Following products are required in order to use GDN Magic Twirl Jewerly for Genesis 8 Female(s):
Genesis 8 Female: Included with DAZ Studio and up.

What is included:
* 1 Conforming Cirlet (rigged)
* 1 Smart Parented Prop Circlet
* 1 Pair of Conforming Earrings (rigged)
* 35 Materials for the Circlet Stones
* 35 Materials for the Pearls for Both Circlet and The Earrings
* 10 Materials for the Circlet's and Earrings Metal
* 10 Material Preset Style for Earrings and Circlet

Material options:
Daz3D Studio Iray (.duf)

Adjustment Morphs for Conforming Circlet and Smart Parented Prop CircletL:
Pul Out Bottom Front
Pul Out Top Sides
Pull In Bottom Front 1-2
Pull In Bottom Sides
Pull In Front 1-3
Pull In Sides 1-3
Pull In Top Front 1
Pull In Top Front 2
Pull In Top Sides
Pull Out Bottom Sides
Pull Out Front
Pull Out Sides 1-4
Pull Out Top Front
Scale All Down
Scale All Up
Scale Both Sides
Scale In Both Sides

Auto Follow is activated for the Conforming Circlet.
All the Supported character shapes do fit perfect. Some Unsupported Character Shapes may follow and fit well - other character shapes may not fit and follow well if this is the case please
use the adjustments morphs that are included within the Conforming Circlet. I made a bunch of adjustment morphs so that a lot of fits can be made possible with some dialing with these adjustments morphs that can be found within the parameters tab.
I made the Smart Parented Prop Circlet Specially for those who do not like the auto fit but wish to dial up their character supported shapes themselves, this might come in handy when you have a character that is not supported but has a simulair shape to a character shape
that is supported and then only tiny adjustments are needed.

Adjustment Morphs for the Conforming Earrings:
Earring Left Move Down
Earring Left Move In
Earring Left Move Out
Earring Left Move To Back
Earring Left Move To Front
Earring Left Move Up
Earring Right Move Down
Earring Right Move In
Earring Right Move Out
Earring Right Move To Back
Earring Right Move To Front
Earring Right Move Up
Move All Back
Move All Down
Move All Front
Move All Up
Scale All Down
Scale All Up

Auto Follow is activated for the Conforming Earrings.
All supported character shapes do fit perfect and most unsupported character shapes do fit well in some cases there is a minor adjustment needed to position the earrings.
If that is the case then use the adjustments morphs for these earrings those can be found within the parameters

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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