Gloria 1920's Flapper Showgirl Headdress

Gloria 1920's Flapper Showgirl Headdress

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We at THE ROW HOUSE™ use the finest silks, fabrics and dyes from around the world, all items are delicately handcrafted to give you the best products possible for your artistic needs.

The Gloria 1920's Headdress is a majestic and highly detailed accessory delicately handmade for the Fiesty Flapper Showgirl. This exotic headdress
was inspired by the headdress worn by the beautiful actress Gloria Swanson in the 1920's... Each piece is delicately hand painted in Substance Painter to give you the feel of authenticity and a taste of the roaring 20's.

Authentic 1920's Showgirl Headdress for Genesis 8

This pack is packed full & Super Customizable! All Materials are delicately hand painted in Substance Painter to ensure the best quality for your renders.

This Pack Includes:

~Gloria 1920's Showgirl Headdress
~21 Peacock & Peahen feathers optimized for IRAY
~ A Lovely selection of Materials (Brass,Carved Glass, Carved Metal,Cracked Ceramic, Damask Carved Beads, Indian Crved Beads, Oxidized Beads, and rich Painted Red Beads (IRAY)
~6 Hammered Brooch Styles
~8 Band Materials with matching can mix and match these to customize to your taste!
~5 Gorgeous Cap Fabrics with Peacock Style Embroidery includes sparkling styles
~7 Cap Super Rich Plush Velvet Fabrics-with Realistic fiber imperfections
~19 Sparkling Gems
~Delicately Designed Peacock Decor in 5 Luscious Metals!
~12 Pearl Colors with matching Peacock pin Teardrop Pearls (Mix and Match as you like to customize!)
~For Easy & Fast Setup...I have included 6 Gorgeous Presets! Anitque Peahen, Flappers Cocktail, Glamour, Lapiz Lazuli and Scarlet..hope you love them!
~This Pack includes a Huge range of Morphs and Adjustments to accomodate your posing needs.

Feathers can be resized via your morph adjustments so if you want to make a huge statement or a small one it is all at hand and ready to go!

If you need more specific information... please refer to the ReadMe File.

I hope you Enjoy this product as much as I Enjoyed creating it!

Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful artwork you will create with Gloria! xx

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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