Protective Gear 001 MMKB

Protective Gear 001 MMKB

(Updated Message: December 26, 2021)
We, here at MightyMite, are all about kit-bashing. We always try to remember how WE'D piece together
our outfits. It's always nice when some the elements would fit different figures without much
fuss. Our G8M-rigged "Pin" has all the ERC handles to help you adjust your prop. Now you can reuse
the prop for other figures without much work.

(Updated Message: December 15, 2021)
As 2022 comes upon us, we, here at MightyMite, will be rolling out some new directions and ideas.
The first you'll notice is the usage of iRay with our products. This product's MATs use iRay for

As always your input is welcomed and encouraged. - Thanks!

Included in Pack:
8 Pairs of Pauldron Props + Wearable presets for G8M
2 Pauldron Props + Wearable presets for G8M

Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Compatible figures: 
Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio