Strawberry Cupcake Jewelry for Genesis 8 Female

Strawberry Cupcake Jewelry for Genesis 8 Female

Do you like cupcake I love cupcake and I love strawberries too. What could be nicer than a juicy strawberry and a freshly baked cupcake, fluffy cream and foamy dough. In addition to eating it, there is also the possibility to make really magical headdresses and cute earrings. This piece of jewelry makes every fantasy character sweet and tasty at the same time. With up to 12 textures for each piece of the piece of jewelry, you can create countless color combinations that give your render your own style. 10 poses, some of which load with the right props and can be found in the mirror position at the same time, ensure quick success and lots of fun creating a sugar-sweet berry scene.

Note: Before using poses, you must have the limits disabled by GF8.

morph list:

Morph-L 06
Morph-R 07
Morph-UP 08
Scale 01-03
adjustable height
swing forward
wide up

Left Earring and Right Earring;
Chain Side-Side 01
Chain Side-Side 02
Chain Twist
Earring Side-Side 01
Earring Side-Side 02
Earring Twist
SCJ Cupcake Scale
SCJ Cupcake Side-Side 01
SCJ Cupcake Side-Side 02
SCJ Cupcake Twist

Cupcake Plate
Cupcake Plate Morph 01
Cupcake Plate Morph 01

Bell Jar
SCJ_Bell Jar-Scale 01
SCJ_Bell Jar-Scale 02

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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