SVs Charmed Hearts Jewelry Set

SVs Charmed Hearts Jewelry Set

SV's Charmed Hearts Jewelry Set for Genesis 8 Female(s). Whats Included:

- 01 Conforming Necklace, follows G8F (figure)
- 01 Pendant that attach to the Choker (figures)
- 01 Pair of Heart Earrings
- 01 Pair of Dangling Heart Earrings
- 03 Pairs of Heart Stud Earrings (load up the ear separately)

- Special Weight Mapping is in place to avoid distortion on all pendant
- 09 Adjustment morphs for the Heart Pendant
- 20 Adjustment morphs for the Necklace
- See the bottom of this description for complete list of morphs, or see the readme.txt file

- 24 Metal Shaders, (shiny/matte), these have been adjusted from previous sets and now include even more options!
- 04 Necklace Design textures (these load over the metal of your choice for the necklace)
- 06 Heart Gem Shaders
- 06 Pearl Heart Gem Shaders

- You first select G8F, load choker, select choker, load heart pendant
- Tip instructions are included inside the library
- You may choose to install the figures/props where you like, but they will unzip to Clothing > Sveva > !Jewelry you can move this folder to accessories if you want, so long as you do not move the Runtime/Data folders.

*Necklace will follow G8F naturally, in some cases you may need to use the included adjustment morphs for the necklace and/or pendant, pendant moves with choker/G8F and you can use the included pendant morphs to make larger/swing left/right etc.


- Complete set with matching earrings & pendant
- Necklace Conforms to G8F and will move with her, adj morphs are included
- Pendant attach/conform to necklace, pendant includes 9 adjustment/sizing morphs
- Pendant should not "deform" or "warp" due to custom weight mapping
- Created exclusively by Sveva, rendered in Daz Studio with the Iray Render Engine

- Pendant Includes 09 Morphs
- Necklace Includes 20 Adjustment Morphs

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements:  OBJ files are included in a separate .zip file

Compatible figures: 
Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio