Wynntah Snowflake Jewelry

Wynntah Snowflake Jewelry

WYNNTAH Jewelry by Fabiana for Genesis 8 Female(s). WHAT YOU GET:


01 Cord Circlet with Snowflake and Gem
01 Cord Circlet with Snowflake only
01 Cord Necklace with Snowflake and Gem
01 Cord Necklace with Snowflake only
04 Extra Snowflake Additions
03 Pairs of Earrings
01 Ring for each one of the 10 fingers
02 Parented Pendants
02 Free Pendants
01 Snowflake Prop for any purpose

15 Full Snowflake+Gem Materials
10 Cord Materials
05 Bead Cord Styles
05 Emissive Snowflake Materials
15 Emissive Gem Materials
10 Extra Single Metal and Glass Shaders

15 Snowflake Shaping Styles
17 Cord Shaping Styles
08 Gem Shaping Styles

Supported Morphs

Aiko8, Girl8, Posey & Petunia, Alexandra8, Charlotte8, MeiLin8, Monique8, Olympia8, Stephanie8, Victoria8, Zelara8, Body Size, Body Tone, BodyBuilder, Fitness, Heavy, Height, Pear Figure, Thin, Voluptuous, Chest Depth, Chest Width, Shoulders Size, UpperArm Size, Shoulders Scale, etc.
Other morphs supported via the Automorph feature.

All these products are Copyright Fabiana Kofman 2002-2019
All original, all rights reserved.
Do not copy, distribute or sell this items.

Thank you very much for purchase my products.


Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio