Imprisonment V4

Imprisonment V4

Sarsa and Propschick present Imprisonment V4. Continuing the fun of hiding V4's legs and adding more creativity to using V4 like we did with Amusement V4, we now bring you a cage that you can put anything in ! Feel free to cage whatever you want...mice, bats, birds, elves, snakes, lizards, dragons, 12 Victoria 4s', Men, kitties, props, whatever you want ! The possibilities are absolutely endless for your caging fun!

Included in this package:

Cage Dress CR2 and OBJ
Cage Collar CR2 and OBJ
Cage Gloves CR2 and OBJ
3 Mat sets (Steampunk, Rustic and Gothic)
Mats to Hide Arms and Legs
6 Poses plus a zero Pose

About morphs: Included are: V4 Morphs ++, Elite, S4, A4 and G4. In the dress you will find morphs for adjustment of the upper half of the body, length and width morphs for the cage.

The cage dress also includes a 'Cage' Body part for moving left, right, front, back and twisting. You will find tips in the readme on posing the cage.

The Choker/Collar contains morphs for fitting and additional charm left, right, forward, sizing.

The gloves come with a hide arms mat for great posing. You can tighten them up on the arms, or loosen them.

Promos: Character is a variety of characters and textures mixed together with V4's morphs dialed. Hair is Reagan Hair by PropsChick. Nursoda's Lada Hair. All backgrounds are by Sveva. If you have any questions about any creatures used, please feel free to send me a site mail and ask about which one ;)

Make sure you visit Sveva's store to check out her expansion : 'Caged' for additional mats, and more props to add to your cage !

Product requirements

Poser 6 and above, Victoria 4 (Has Morphs++, Elite, A4,S4,G4 Fits)
Compatible figures: 
Accessories for Poser