Morning Dove Wardrobe for Dawn - Set 2

Morning Dove Wardrobe for Dawn - Set 2

Start and/or expand your Wardrobe for Morning Dove with Wardrobe Set 2.

Each of the three Wardrobe Sets have materials in a variety of leather colors, which are decorated with intricate beadwork, cowry shells & realistic looking fringe. Start and/or expand your Wardrobe for Morning Dove.

Set 2 uses leathers the the colors of Autumn - Gold and Rust.

The set includes the Morning Dove Dress, Jewelry Bangle 1, a wonderful choker prop for Dawn by Photo GG, plus individual feather props which you can use with Morning Dove's Wardrobe, on the HiveWire Horse, or use when you tranform Dusk into a Native American. The Dress, Jewelry Bangle 1, and the choker are included in all 3 sets, with different materials available in each set.

Materials require the included props and/or one or more the following products:

Ken Gilliland's Royal Hawaiian for Dusk for Dynamic Cloak Materials
Dawn's Universal Boots for Moccasins Materials (be sure you have the updated version that added the moccasin morph)
HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat for Headband Materials

Flint_Hawk's Native American Beadwork for the HW3D Cowboy Hat is not required, but will coordinate with the outfit

Materials for the Feather props will work on all similar props from the other sets.

What's Included & Features:

Props (.pp2)
-Morning Dove Dress
-Bangle 1 (Bracelet) (smart propped to both right and left arms)
-Feather Props (requires Poser 10+)
--Feather 02
--Parented and Unparented versions of Feather items in both Gold and Rust
---Fan-left and right hand versions
---Feather and Rosette with 1, 3 or 5 Feathers, in different positions for Hair and Headband (Options with and without Beadwork)

Materials (.mc6)
-Gold and Rust options for all items

-Options (for each color)
--1 for Feather 02
--1 for Feather Fan
--1 for each Feather and Rosette item, with and without Beadwork
--1 for Cape with Beadwork and 3 without (requires Ken Gilliland's Royal Hawaiian for Dusk)
--1 for Dress, with and without Beadwork
--1 for Headband without Beadwork (requires HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat)
--1 for Bangle 1, with and without Beadwork
--1 for Choker, with and without Beadwork
--1 for Moccasins, with and without Beadwork (requires Dawn's Universal Boots)

Poses (.pz2)
-Cape Reposition

Hands (.hd2)
-Left and Right Hand Poses for Fan

All of the included props with feathers use subdivision and require Poser 10+. The rest of the set will work with Poser 9+.

Choker created by PhotoGG, Feathers and all textures created by Flint_Hawk - HiveWire 3D Creations

Note - set originally released at HiveWire 3D without the dress or bangle. Materials will work either with the included dress and bangle or with the original required products, for those who purchased the product at HiveWire 3D.

Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +

Compatible figures: Dawn - Dawn S.E.

Required Products:  
Dawn's Universal Boots, Royal Hawaiian for Dusk, HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat

Accessories for Poser