RP Salty Scarlett for La Femme and Poser Pro 11

RP Salty Scarlett for La Femme and Poser Pro 11

LF Salty Scarlett is a new fantasy pirate outfit for La Femme. Whether she's pillaging and plundering or hanging out in the crow's nest, your favorite gals will be looking sexy doing it in the Salty Scarlett outfit!


- Salty Scarlett Arm Guards
- Salty Scarlett Belt
- Salty Scarlett Boots
- Salty Scarlett Hat
- Salty Scarlett Pants
- Salty Scarlett Skirt
- Salty Scarlett Sword 1 in Baldric, props to belt (prop)
- Salty Scarlett Sword 2 in Scabbard (prop)
- Salty Scarlett Compass, props to belt (prop)
- Salty Scarlett Sword 1, Left and Right hands (prop)
- Salty Scarlett Sword 2, Left and Right hands (prop)
- Hand pose for swords
- Default materials for all
- one extra mat setting for skirt
- two extra mat settings for top

The Salty Scarlett skirt does not include thigh or shin bones, instead there are ghost bones to manipulate the skirt when posing. The skirt works best in most poses when using a combination of these bones They include:

Sk Front
Skirt Fr L/R
Skirt R/L
Skirt Back
Skirt Back R/L

Several of the props, the Compass, Sword 1 with Baldric, and Sword 2 in Scabbard are meant to be propped to the belt. It will be best to add these to the scene once you have character morphs and/or poses all set how you want them. If they need adjusting, it can be done manually. Also, the belt includes a morph to dial up when using the Sword 2 in Scabbard.

Both swords are provided to load and prop either to the left or right hand, and a hand pose is included in the Hand library.

All pieces in Salty Scarlett include adjustment morphs to use as needed.

Software: Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro 1.1 - Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: 
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