Adam HD For Genesis 8.1 Male

Adam HD For Genesis 8.1 Male


Adam was a human like any other, he worked in an office and in the summer he expanded his activity as a lifeguard on the beaches of his city, but one day when leaving a leisure center at night he was attacked by a being from the shadows.

At first he was transformed into a prince of the forest, but later his DNA was changed and he took on the characteristics of a vampire who was introduced to dark magic by traveling through time and reaching different eras of human development.

Since then, he has enjoyed an action-packed life. You are likely to find Adam time traveling and creating chaos on earth.

From this story you will see that he is a strong and versatile character that you can use in different projects both in the real world and in the fatal or horror world.

Add the handsome and charming Adam HD to your library today!

Please note that their Genesis 8.1 products may work with Genesis 8, with the exception of some expressions. However, you can't apply your Genesis 8.1 content to Genesis 8 or earlier characters unless you make the textures or morphs yourself, but if you don't know how to do that don't try it.

This character has been created with high quality textures and using realistic human skin, it also has different types of real and fantasy eyes, we have made textured facial makeup and bloody faces for the vampire version.

Environments or some elements such as clothing or hair used in promotional photos are not included in this product.

What is duly detailed in the item: What's Included and Features this Project is included.

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What's Included and Features this Project:

- Morphs: 19 Adam HD Morphs (.DSF).
- Built-in Content Skin Morph (.DSF).
- 11 Adam HD Beard. (.DSF).
- 2 Adam HD Eyebrows. (.DSF).
- 38 dForce Adam HD Hair. (.DSF).
- 11 Adam HD Horns. (.DSF).

UV's Default:

- Adam HD Beard. (.DSF).
- Adam HD Eyebrows. (.DSF).
- dForce Adam HD Hair. (.DSF).
- Adam HD Horns. (.DSF).

Character/Actor, Hair: Adam HD Beard, Eyebrows, Hair and Accessory: Adam Goat Horn: (.DUF)

- Adam HD.
- Adam Goat Horn.
- Adam HD Beard.
- Adam HD Eyebrows.
- dForce Adam HD Hair

Materials: (Only IRAY) (.DUF)

- Adam HD All Maps Default Apply
- Adam HD All Maps Skin 01 Apply
- Adam HD Blood 01 Maps Apply
- Adam HD Blood 02 Maps Apply
- Adam HD Eyelashes Apply
- Adam HD Genitalia
- Adam HD Real Wrinkled Feet Maps OFF/ON
- Adam HD Tear Apply
- Adam HD Warrior MK Maps Apply
- Adam HD Translucency 30%
- Adam HD Translucency 70%

Eyes: (.DUF)

- Adam HD Eyes 01-17.
- Adam HD Eyes Zero.

Tattos: (.DUF)

- Adam HD All Tattoos Maps Apply.
- Adam HD Arms Tattoo Maps Apply.
- Adam HD Body Tattoo Maps Apply.
- Adam HD Face Tattoo Maps Apply.
- Adam HD Legs Tattoo Maps Apply.

Hair: (.DUF)

- dForce Adam HD Hair 00.
- dForce Adam HD Hair 01.

Beard: (.DUF)

- Adam HD Beard 00.
- Adam HD Beard 01.

Adam Horn: (.DUF)

- Adam Goat Horn 00.
- Adam Goat Horn 01.

Shapes: (.DUF)

- Adam HD Adam Apple Apply/REM.
- Adam HD All Body Apply/REM.
- Adam HD Body Apply/REM.
- Adam HD Genitalia Circumcised.
- Adam HD Genitalia Uncircumcised.
- Adam HD Head Apply/REM.
- Adam HD Natrural Eyes HD Iris Apply/REM.
- Adam HD Teeth All Canines Vampire Apply/REM.
- Adam HD Teeth Lower Canines Vampire Apply/REM.
- Adam HD Teeth Upper Canines Vampire Apply/REM.


112 Textures, Bump, Subsurface, Specular. Ambient Occlusion Weight,... Maps (4096 x 4096. 256x512, and 2048x2048 px).

This Character uses the Genesis 8.1 Male(s) Base UV Maps.

File Types: .DUF

Compatible Software:

- Daz Studio 4.20.
- DSON Importer for Poser.
- Daz to Maya Bridge.
- Daz to Blender Bridge.
- Daz to C4D Bridge.

Compatible Figures:

- Genesis 8.1 Male(s).


Character Contemporary, Realistic and Fantasy.

Required Products:

- Genesis 8.1 Male(s)


3D Models and Assets/People and Wearables/Genesis 8.1 Male(s)..


DAZ Install Manager

- Unzip the zip file to a temporarily folder
- Copy the 'data, People and Runtime' folders in the unzipped folder and
paste them into your DAZ 3D Library folder.

(e.g. C:Users/Public/Documents/My DAZ 3D Library)

Compatible figures: 
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