AGD Ally 9 Morph Only

AGD Ally 9 Morph Only

Introducing AGD Ally 9, a mature female character for Genesis 9.

Ally's head and body were sculpted in Zbrush, extra attention to detail. As with all my characters, Ally is slightly asymmetrical in several areas to enhance realism.

* This is a morph only, No Textures included, however I have rendered out a few images with my own skin from other models, as well as some Base Genesis 9 female materials as an example.**

What she comes with:
- Separated head and body morphs as well as a full body morph
- Fast load character morph presets for easy deployment into your scenes
- Easy Shaping presets

* installation- Simply copy the folders (drag and drop) into your "My Library" folder.
* if you have any issues, or questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. I try to respond as quickly as possible.
* if you like this product please leave a rating on the product page, this helps me out a great deal.
* you can find all morphs in the parameters tab by searching "AGD Ally 9"

* Textures used in Promo Renders : Genesis 9 Base female skin mats 1, AGD Lauren 9 mats.

* This product was tested in Daz 4.22
* Not tested on Mac or Poser
* No Textures, hair, clothing or accessories included. Morphs Only.

Compatible figures: 
3D Models