AGD Aynberlin for G8-8.1

AGD Aynberlin for G8-8.1

Introducing AGD Aynberlin!

Aynberlin is a truly versatile character that comes with lots of options. She has custom elf ear morph options to transform her from human to elf. She has extra fantasy eyes to entice anyone.

AGD Aynberlin's head and body was carefully sculpted in Zbrush. Furthermore, she has custom normal maps that were sculpted with absolute precision at level 5 subdivision in Zbrush to provide even more detail. Her skin material was created to give her as much realism as possible.

Aynberlin will easily find a way to light up any scene you put her in.

What she comes with:
-Separated Head, Body, Ear, and Gen shaping morphs for easy customization
-Elf Ear morph
-Gen shaping morph
-Fast load character presets for easy deployment into your scenes
-Easy Apply Elf Ear and Gen shaping morphs
-10 Realistic AND Fantasy Eye Colors
-9 Eye Makeups Colors including fantasy eye options
-6 Lipstick colors
-Highly Realistic skin materials
-Eyelash material

*All morphs can be located in the parameters tab under 'AGD Aynberlin'

Once downloaded, map the contents of the file to your Daz My Library.
*Feel free to contact me with any issues, suggestions, or requests.
*Thanks! and happy rendering!

This product was tested in Daz Studio 4.22
Hair, clothing or accessories not included.

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