CARRIER - Heavy Load Transport Critter
for Poser7+ / DazStudio (for DazStudio you will have to adjust the settings in your surface tab, materials are optimized for Poser)

"Carrier" is a heavy-load transport critter of my "Strange Alien Series" and comes at your desktop with around 300% size of standard Poser figures.
The figure "Carrier" with it's abstract unusual physiognomy was basically designed only for 3D printing. So please don't wonder that "Carrier" has no mouth which can be opened.
Except the horns all dials are restricted for a movement experience that makes more or less sense. "Carrier" starts with 1 set of small horns and 1 set of big horns, all parented to the head. With adding additional small horns from your props library you can give this critter additional expression, the additional small horns are automatically attached to the head. They are loading in the same position as the default small horns. You can move them around using the yTran and zTran dials.
When moving the head the big horns change their position a little bit, but this shouldn't look wrong. You also can make the standard horns invisible and your "Carrier" appears more friendly :)
For all parts of this critter you'll find uv-maps in your textures folder to create own or edit existing textures. "Carrier" comes with 2 mat files, the standard rusty dotted mat and a pure elephant skin mat.
The background image from my promo images is included in the textures folder.

Poser 7+

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