Five Birdhouses - OBJ

Five Birdhouses - OBJ

This collection of birdhouses includes five high resolution houses, plus a handsome brown bird - the Ruby Crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula).
The Ruby Crowned Kinglet is a small forest bird that inhabits most of the North American boreal forests. It readily nests in birdhouses.

The first birdhouse is a tall, multi-storied red house with four bird hole openings that rests on a forest green base and specially designed wooden pole. The house is decorated with white silhouettes of tree trunks on front and back. The Ruby Crowned Kinglet is posed on the frontmost peg. Both the bird and the support post are independent objects that can be saved out and used in other applications. All the major pieces of the birdhouse are independent objects that can be given different colors or materials to best suit your scene.

The second birdhouse is a tall white "castle-type" structure with two house levels and multiple openings for many birds. The roof is a shingled and topped with a decorative hemlock wooden piece. This birdhouse rests on a white pole.

The third birdhouse is a grey-blue "house" with glassed windows, chimney, a shiny front door and two black metal/glass porch lanterns. This birdhouse rests on a wooden pole.

The fourth birdhouse is a leaf-green hanging "house" with a white balcony. This birdhouse's distinctive feature are two sprays of "Forget-Me-Not" flowers growing on the front and back of the house. The "Forget-MeNot" is a delicate flowering plant; the first to appear on riverbanks and mossy areas, immediately after snow melt.

The flowering plants are fully modeled in detail so that you may create close-up views of this birdhouse. Extra chain links are included in the event you need to hang this down some distance from a large tree branch or wooden arm.

The fifth birdhouse is a bright yellow house with reddish teak roof slats and a brass weather vane. The weather vane features a chipmunk and three pinecones The weather vane is an independent object that can be different materials, perhaps a weathered copper as shown in the last picture. This birdhouse is designed to be fastened to a fence or tree trunk at the rear of the house.

All bird house components are independent objects that they can be painted with different materials or textures as desired. All the posts, chains, chain fasteners, porch lamps and weather vane can be swapped around and used on different birdhouses as desired.

Because the Forget-Me-Not flowers on Birdhouse 8 are fully modeled in detail for close-up view, they have many polygons and the model has a larger than normal file size for a birdhouse. Therefore, it is packaged in its own zip file to make for a more rapid download.

Software: Vue 7, Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Cinema 4D, LightWave, Carrara, Blender

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