Flinks Rolling Hills - Fireflies

Flinks Rolling Hills - Fireflies

"Flinks Rolling Hills - Fireflies" expands the Flinks Rolling Hills package with a total of 25 fireflies props and 40 poser materials. It also includes 12 materials and 18 single shaders for DAZ Studio 4.15 - Iray.

The fireflies are glowing spheres(normal & HD) or AlphaPlanes(LD) and not actual modeled fireflies. The product is intended for swarms of fireflies in the landscape and small details in the distance. It is not suitable for close-ups of fireflies.

For Poser:

- 9 Fireflies props:
For each of the 9 areas of the landscape there is a prop with swarms of fireflies. A firefly is a LowPoly sphere with glowing material, they are not suitable for close-ups and are only convincing up to a certain distance.

- 8 FirefliesHD props:
The HD fireflies consist of spheres with more polygons, therefore closer shots are possible than with the normal fireflies. However, these are also not suitable for close-up shots. There are 3 different props for the center of the landscape, for very dense swarms of fireflies. And 5 circular swarms in different sizes and densities for more precise placement or if you only want fireflies in certain places.

- 8 FirefliesLD props:
These objects consist of alpha planes aimed at the center of the landscape. They are included for every area of the landscape except the center itself. Since they are surfaces with transparency, they are suitable for closer shots than the modeled spheres and still look like perfectly round glowing circles. Because of their alignment with the center, they look convincing only at certain angles and positions of the camera.

- 4 combined objects - ready to load from the library
These are combinations of several firefly props to quickly populate the entire Rolling Hills landscape with fireflies.

- 6 color schemes for the swarms of fireflies. 6 for the Normal/HD versions and 6 for the LD versions (with transparency), for a total of 12 materials.
Each firefly prop consists of fireflies of 3 different colors.

- 9 single poser materials with different shades of green and yellow. 9 for the Normal/HD versions and 9 for the LD versions (with transparency), for a total of 18 single materials. These can be assigned to any of the 3 materials.

For DAZ:

- 12 material presets for DAZ Studio 4.15 - Iray
- 18 single shaders for DAZ Studio 4.15 - Iray

For less dense swarms of fireflies, partially submerge the swarms in the landscape

Software: Poser Pro 11, Poser 12

Requirements:  3d software with obj import

Required Products: Flinks Rolling Hills

Animals for Poser and Daz Studio