HiveWire Shetland Pony

HiveWire Shetland Pony

Shetland Ponies are known for their small stature, hardiness, strength, and longevity. Good tempered, intelligent, and gentle, they are perfect for children..or your inner child! They're also great for pulling a wagon around your 3d Circus, Farm, or Fair. Bring one home to your Runtime or Library today!

What's Included & Features

HiveWire Shetland Pony Breed for the HiveWire Horse
Fullbody Shetland Pony Morph (Requires Poser 9 or newer and DAZ Studio 4.6 or newer)
Shetland Pony
Shetland Pony Fetlocks
Shetland Pony Horse Tail
Shetland Pony Mane
Morph Support for the HW Unicorn Beard, Horn and Tail.
Shetland Pony Unicorn Horn
Shetland Pony Unicorn Beard
Shetland Pony Unicorn Tail
4 "Load All" Scene options, Long and Short Hair for Shetland Pony options, for Poser and DAZ Studio
Both Load All options load the Horse, Mane, and Tail with the Shetland Pony morph on by default.
High Resolution 6000x6000 Skin Maps
Shetland Chocolate
Shetland Fetlocks Chocolate
Shetland Fetlocks
Shetland Mane Foal
Shetland Mane Long
Shetland Mane Short
Shetland Tail Long
Shetland Tail Short
Special Thanks to CWRW and HiveWire Beta and QAV teams, for their collaboration in the development of this figure.

Required Products: HiveWire Horse

Compatible figures: 
Animals for Poser and Daz Studio