Apartment Corridor and Elevator Bundle for DAZ Studio

Apartment Corridor and Elevator Bundle for DAZ Studio

Apartment buildings provide housing for a diverse range of individuals and families, promoting inclusivity and diversity within urban areas. Additionally, apartment living often fosters a sense of community and shared amenities, enhancing social connections among residents, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of a society.
Elevators (also known as lifts) in both residential and commercial buildings serve as essential components that provide accessibility and convenience, enabling swift transitions between floors and eliminating the physical strain of climbing stairs. They can also become hubs of social interaction - fostering chance encounters and social connections - that contribute to the overall sense of community within a building.

Whether you're a 3D artist, an educator or a storyteller looking to create compelling and realistic visuals, our apartment corridor environment model offers a meticulously crafted, high-quality solution. Elevate your projects, captivate your audience, and enjoy the convenience of DAZ Studio-ready models that bring a full apartment corridor and elevator (lift) cab to life with remarkable detail and endless creative possibilities.

Realistic Environment: Dive into a lifelike apartment corridor and elevator. The corridor is complete with 6 apartment doors, elevator doors and your choice of corridor far wall: a plain wall with artwork or with an emergency exit door. The elevator has doors, controls, LCD display, signs and 64 different wall/floor possible combinations.

Hi-Res Textures: Highly detailed textures that bring realism to every corner of the corridor and elevator. Color, metallicity, roughness and normal maps are included (where applies).

Modular Walls: The apartment corridor environment is made up of 4 walls (plus 1 extra far wall option), ceiling, ceiling lamps, sprinklers, floor, 6 apartment doors, elevator doors and an emergency exit door. The elevator environment is made up of 4 walls, ceiling, floor and doors. All the doors can be opened and closed via parameters.

Material Presets: The apartment corridor environment includes material presets for 9 floors of each of 4 different styles. The elevator display (in the corridor as well as the elevator) can be set to any floor number (from L to 9) via material presets and the elevator movement arrow lights (going up or down) can also be set via material presets in both environments. The elevator environment includes 8 material presets for walls and 8 material presets for floors (64 possible combinations!). The elevator buttons can also be turned on (individually) or all off via material presets.

Additional Texture Pack: Included are 4 extra material presets for the elevator floor that match the carpet styles of the apartment corridor.

DAZ Studio Ready: Preload subset and material presets seamlessly integrate into your DAZ Studio workflow. It's designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it accessible to both seasoned artists and beginners. All files have been tested on DAZ Studio v4.2.

Endless Creativity: Whether you're creating captivating visual stories, video games, renders, training materials or educational content, the possibilities are limitless. Craft compelling animations, renders and scenes that elevate your storytelling with the amazing realism of our apartment corridor and elevator environment.

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