The Dartfork Project

The Dartfork Project

The Dartfork Project

While walking on a desert beach, I found a large and strange building. Inside, some machines were connected to a radiator in a tower. I took several pictures and analysed them back home. Several questions arose: What is the function of these pieces of machinery? What kind of research was performed in this place? Why was it abandoned? I could not answer, and I'm asking for your help.

A kitbash of weird alien technology for your games, animations or just renders. Explore the Dartfork Project right now!

Main building: 60m (X) x 60m (Z) x 30m (Y)
Ceiling: 53m (X) x 52.9m (Z) x 9.8m (Y)
Tower: 20m (X) x 20m (Z) x 70m (Y)

Included in this package:

Scene Subset:
FA3D The Dartfork Project Full Scene

Zero Props:
DFP Box Hook
DFP Building
DFP Capacitor1
DFP Capacitor2
DFP Ceiling
DFP Compressor
DFP Condenser1
DFP Condenser2
DFP Condenser3
DFP Crane Rail
DFP Crane
DFP Dome
DFP Expander Valve
DFP Expander
DFP Gas Tank
DFP Magnet
DFP Rotor
DFP Tower
DFP Valve

Building: DoorN, DoorW, Door1, Door2, Door3, Door4 Open/Close
Dome: Door1st, Door2nd Open/Close
Crane: Base/Forearm/Arm/Hook Rotation

402 textures from 1024x1024 to 4096x4096.

Software: Daz Studio 4

Architecture for Daz Studio and Poser