Airport Terminal for Daz

Airport Terminal for Daz

This set contains:

Airport terminal with opening doors and overhead lockers and dials to hide walls, ceilings and views. Airport consists of airport frontage, main terminal building, security area with interview room, lounge with bar, boarding tunnel and plane interior.
Taxi with opening doors and boot/trunk and turning wheels/steering wheel
Baggage Carousel
Check-In Desk
Suitcase02 (different build)
Check-In Chair
Rubber Curtain with dials to bend curtain slats
Barrier with dial to extend it
Clock (reversible and flippable for four different times)
Departures Board
Terminal Light
Boarding Pass
Passport (with textures for US, Canada and UK)
Security Desk
Metal Detector Arch
Baggage X-Ray
X-Ray Screens
Interview Desk
Desk Chair
Examination Bed
Hand Luggage with dials to open bag and hide illicit-looking contents
Bar Shelves
Bar Stool
Lounge Light
Lounge Seating
Potted Palm

Options to load individual items or complete scene

16 Camera Presets

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio