AtoZ DetailTime Cable Fences II v1 for Poser with OBJs

AtoZ DetailTime Cable Fences II v1 for Poser with OBJs

AtoZ DetailTime Cable Fences II v1 for Poser

A monstrous scream echoed in the mountain pass. It was followed by a booming voice that was so loud and powerful that the cliff face along the path quaked, "THOU you Beast of Satan SHALL NOT PASS!"

Or was I needed as you carried that barrel on the unsteady deck of the steamer that made you grab onto me?

If not surely it was the Roadway Signs and Cable Barrier that prevented you from entering the tunnel on the way home from work in your cool commando truck that caught your attention.

These three scenearios are but a few ideas that floated by in my head as my imagination ran wild! I hope you enjoy this the second iteration of... WAIT! ... Has it really been SIX YEARS since AtoZ released Fences I! Even we couldn't believe that it's been that long... Soooo, we added this Cable Fencing version LOADED with Pieces, Parts and Mat Pose options. Not to mention all the Prop and Figure Preloads we've included to help get your projects started. Please ENJOY!

Thanks to PhilC, the Cables included are Flexible or as we call them Magic or Flexi!

You get Two different shaped Fence Posts And each of these two come #1 flat on the bottom with "one fastener", #2 "Two Fasteners" with one at 90 degrees to the other or #3 Flat on the bottom with 2 "fasteners" there is also the #7 post that is double fasteners bottomed but only has "places" for three cables. This version is useful for roadway barriers.

PLUS you get lots of sign shapes and both blank signs and ones with English/American Text of International markings!

PLUS you get Multi-layered .tif files for almost every product included which you can use to make textures and signs that you dream up!

Software: Poser 7+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio