Bank Vault

Bank Vault


- 1 Complete Bank Vault Room (all room parts can be hided via the hierarchy scene. The doors can be opened.)

- 8 cameras (room/corridor)
- 1 Iray render preset

The main door opens, it contains an erc for that keyed perfect for the animations.
The grid opens vertically. The laser beams can be turned on or off using the slider.
An option allows to create a hole in a zone of the wall, 2 masts poses allow this (select the room),
useful to simulate a robbery scene, a tunnel is created when the breaking option is activated.
2 banknote figures with 5 banknote placement morphs are provided.
Other accessories are provided: pallets of gold bars, safes, table, etc ...

- 52 HR textures maps 1024x1024 up to 8192x8192

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio