DieselPunk - Pats Diner for DS

DieselPunk - Pats Diner for DS

Pat's Diner for DAZ Studio 4.9

Diesel Punk Spirit
Pat's Diner is a complete environment for your Diesel Punk style scenes.
Separable items for use in traditional scenery The main body detaches itself from the machinery and it settles on a floor

This package contains:

Pat's Diner Iray(.DUF)(Scene Set)

54 Props :

PD Cooking Gaz
PD Diner Ext
PD Door 01
PD Door 02
PD Door 03
PD Fence 01
PD Fence 02
PD Fence 03
PD Fence 04
PD Fence 05
PD Fence 06
PD Globe Lamp
PD Inside Diner
PD Machinery Lights
PD neons Inside
Sign 01_'
Sign 01 at
Sign 01 D
Sign 01 E
Sign 01 I
Sign 01 N
Sign 01 p
Sign 01 R
Sign 01 s
Sign 02_'
Sign 02 at
Sign 02 D
Sign 02 E
Sign 02 I
Sign 02 N
Sign 02 p
Sign 02 R
Sign 02 s
Sign Front_'
Sign Front at
Sign Front D
Sign Front E
Sign Front I
Sign Front N
Sign Front p
Sign Front R
Sign Front s
Sign Park_'
Sign Park at
Sign Park D
Sign Park E
Sign Park I
Sign Park large neon tube
Sign Park N
Sign Park p
Sign Park R
Sign Park s
Sign Park Small Neon Tube
PD Platform

Materials Iray(.DUF)

Pat's Diner Iray.duf

PD Machinery Light OFF.duf
PD Machinery Light ON.duf
PD Red Neon ON.duf
PD Red Neon OFF.duf
PD White Neon ON.duf
PD White Neon OFF.duf
PD Globe Lamp Light ON.duf
PD Globe Lamp Light OFF.duf

Clouds, Background and smokes on images are NOT included!

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio