Dungeon Corridor Traps for Poser

Dungeon Corridor Traps for Poser

What's a dungeon without corridor traps? Now you can add many common dungeon corridor traps and also do so with accurate accounting of space for all the mechanical parts of the trap. With this Dungeon Depths: The First Level model, you get all the well know traps including: Spike Pit Trap (with victim and bottom level access door for cleaning out the pit), Spear Trap (step between the walls and spears are launched), Pendulum Trap (probably not realistic but RPG spectacular!), and Block Drop Trap (step underneath and SQUISH).

The set includes high resolution textures with accompanying bump and normal maps to control surface texture including natural vs brick style stonework, and as applicable, 4 x 4 and 9 x 9 floor type versions.

About Dungeon Depths: The First Level
Dungeon Depths: The First Level is a set of individual collections of models that together provide the components you need to create fantasy role-play game style 3D maps with your favorite 3D design tool. Designs are beautiful, and include both bump and normal maps for application of bumps or true displacements. Dungeon Depths: The First Level is the perfect complement to DungeonFolks(tm) RPG style characters also from Meshbox Design.

Components: Spike Pit Trap, Spear Trap, Pendulum Trap, Block Drop Trap, Skull, Floor Spikes, Spike Cart, Complete Set

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