Fallen Shelf Bookshelf

Fallen Shelf Bookshelf

Collapsed Shelf Bookshelf is a home bookshelf prop set for Poser 11. Everything is loose so that you can scale the bookshelf / shelves without affecting the books. The books are designed with Commonwealth English titles and descriptions and can be used on their own. You can collapse a shelf or use it as a normal bookshelf.

• Large Bookshelf, with loose shelf and shelf fastener (Bookshelf is 200% human size)
• Step Ladder
• Bookend
• Room section (This is just a bit of floor, wall & skirting board for behind the bookshelf)
• A variety of loose books:
○ Worn Book
○ Book with Rings
○ Open Books x 2 (Open pages have English text on them.)
○ Hardcover Books x 3 sizes
○ Paperback Books x 3 sizes
○ Cheap paperback Books x 3 sizes (Mass-market paperbacks)

A complete bookshelf is setup as a smart prop for every colour variation in this order: 1 Bookshelf, 4 shelves smart propped to bookshelf, 4 shelf fasteners smart propped to each shelf. (Change the shelf fasteners attached to a particular shelf to parent the bookshelf or universe if you want to collapse that shelf and leave the shelf fasteners behind.)

Materials are provided for 4 themes and will work with Firefly and Superfly:
• Black and White (Documentaries / News)
• Blue and Green (Fashion)
• Pink, Purple and Red (Animals / Pets)
• Yellow, Orange (Science Fiction and Fantasy)
8 apply to anything materials in the same texture as the bookshelf (for example if you want to make the bookshelf all 1 colour etc.)

Display Warning:
The book covers render correctly, the display on screen isn't always correct. The pages of the open / worn books are 2-sided and will render that way, but Poser displays them 1-sided on screen i.e. you won't see the page on screen, only in the render.

Ready-Made Scenes:
Everything in the scenes are loose - you can move them around, change their materials etc.
• Full-size bookshelf with shelf just collapsed - books are still flying around
• 80% bookshelf with shelf previously collapsed - books have landed
• 70% bookshelf without a collapsed shelf x 4 colour variations

Credits / Resources Used:
I created the book covers by mixing renders, brushes, clipart and purchased .png images. Please ask if you want to know the source of any particular cover. I've also provided Renderosity with a complete list.

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