Fast Food Restaurant for Daz Studio

Fast Food Restaurant for Daz Studio

This set contains:

Environment (separate road and horizon elements)
Restaurant (with options to open/close doors and drive-thru shutter and hide sign, roof and walls)
Seating Unit
Self-Order Post
Long Counter
Litter Bin
Burger (with option to make it a single rather than double burger)
Burger Carton
Burger Complete (Burger parented to Carton)
Fries (with option to empty carton)
Drink (with option to empty drink)
Drink Lid
Drink Complete (Drink Lid and Straw parented to Drink)
Meal Deal (Burger, Burger Carton, Fries, Drink, Drink Lid and Straw parented to Tray)
Register (with option to open/close drawer)
Burger Rack
Drink Dispenser
Frier (with option to raise/lower basket)
Prep Counter (with option to adjust length)
Extractor Hood
Drive-Thru Sign
No Entry Sign
Free-standing Sign
Flower Bed
Freezer (with option to open/close lid)
Box of Buns
Box of Fries (same build, different texture)
Box of Burgers (same build, different texture)
Fire Extinguisher

Options to load full set or individual elements

Lighting Preset
9 Camera Presets

Software: Daz Studio 4

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio