High School Gym for Poser

High School Gym for Poser

This set contains:

- High School Gym base with opening doors and dials to hide corridor view, roofs and walls
- Gym Locker with opening door
- Shower Spray
- Towel
- Locker Room Bench
- Satchel
- Single Bench
- Vaulting Box
- Trampette with dial to bounce
- Trampoline with dial to bounce
- Pommel Horse
- Crash Mat with dial to bounce
- Gym Bench
- Basketball
- Football
- Goal
- Rostrum
- Table Tennis Table
- Table Tennis Bat
- Table Tennis Ball
- Ceiling Light

Options to load complete scene or individual elements

- Lighting Preset
- 9 Camera Presets

Set can also be loaded with High School for Poser to create a larger seamless environment

Software: Poser 7+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio