The House of Martina the Poisoner for Poser

The House of Martina the Poisoner for Poser

In life, Martina the Poisoner was a woman who plied her trade of poisoning the enemies of the wealthy and the powerful in the last days of the Roman Republic. Her crimes in life were terrible yet she did not embrace the darkness - not until her final day of life. Her home in the City of Vampires mixes the dark, gothic surface of the city with her own Roman background. A pleasing drawing room, with fireplace, fine Roman paintings draw you in. The second floor is devoted to her nefarious trade, with chemicals, devices and poisonous mushrooms growing. The third floor, her sleeping place, is as many of the Great Doomed of the city - both a coffin and a bed.

Components: bed, bowl, pillow, chair, roman chair, cloth, coffin top, coffin, fireplace, drug cabinet, jug, mushroom, painting (7), chimney, pot (2), Pottery (2), prop, retort, stove, table (2), test tubes , toilet, tray (2), complete model

Also includes an alternative "Dirty" texture set.

The City of Vampires exists in a netherworld, a city of black stone resting on a stone island in a sea of mist. Its denizens are from countries unknown to each other, seemingly walking into the city by accident. Seeing neither sun or moon, but hazy orbs beyond a cloudy sky, the wary vacate the streets during the Dark Hour, for it is then that the monsters walk freely.

Software: Poser 8+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio