Laundromat Vignette DS

Laundromat Vignette DS

Laundromat Vignette for DAZ Studio

Here is a set which allows you to make different situations of laundromat decor.
The walls are independent and movable and you have props to furnish the whole.
the washing machines and dryers are columnar or independent, there are pre-series sets.
There are also many possibilities to change the color of machines, walls, floors and laundry baskets.
Compose as you see fit, it is the principle of this vignette.

Background, Character, clothes, hair on images are NOT included!

This package contains:
Laundromat Example Preset Scene.duf

Laudromat Body Set.duf
Laudromat Columns Set.duf
Laundromat Column.duf
Laundromat Washing Machine.duf
Laundromat Washing Machines Set.duf
LT Ads and Poster Set.duf
LT Bench Chair.duf
LT Trolley Basket.duf

Props :

LT Ad 01
LT Ad 02
LT Ad 03
LT Ad 04
LT Ad 05
LT Ad 06
LT Ad 07
LT Ad 08
LT Ad 09
LT Ad 10
LT Basket
LT Bench Chair
LT Camera Sign Decal
LT Ceiling
LT Column Body
LT Door Left
LT Door Right
LT Door Signs Decal 01
LT Door Signs Decal 02
LT Dryer Drum
LT Dryer Gate
LT Floor
LT Number Decal Node 01
LT Number Decal Node 02
LT Poster 01
LT Poster 02
LT Selector
LT Trolley
LT Trolley Pivot 01
LT Trolley Pivot 02
LT Trolley Pivot 03
LT Trolley Pivot 04
LT Trolley Wheel 01
LT Trolley Wheel 02
LT Trolley Wheel 03
LT Trolley Wheel 04
LT Wall 01
LT Wall 02
LT Wash Drum
LT Washing Machine Body
LT Washing Machine Gate
LT Window Signs Decal

Materials Iray (.DUF)

Laudromat Body Set.duf
LT Basket 01.duf
LT Basket 02.duf
LT Basket 03.duf
LT Basket 04.duf
LT Bench Chair.duf
LT Body Color 01.duf
LT Body Color 02.duf
LT Body Color 03.duf
LT Body Color 04.duf
LT Body Color 05.duf
LT Floor 01.duf
LT Floor 02.duf
LT Floor 03.duf
LT Floor 04.duf
LT Floor 05.duf
LT Floor 06.duf
LT Floor 07.duf
LT Floor 08.duf
LT Floor 09.duf
LT Floor 10.duf
LT Number Decal 01.duf
LT Number Decal 02.duf
LT Number Decal 03.duf
LT Number Decal 04.duf
LT Number Decal 05.duf
LT Number Decal 06.duf
LT Number Decal 07.duf
LT Number Decal 08.duf
LT Number Decal 09.duf
LT Number Decal 10.duf
LT Number Decal 11.duf
LT Number Decal 12.duf
LT Number Decal 13.duf
LT Number Decal 14.duf
LT Number Decal 15.duf
LT Number Decal 16.duf
LT Number Decal 17.duf
LT Number Decal 18.duf
LT Number Decal 19.duf
LT Number Decal 20.duf
LT Trolley.duf
LT Walls Color 01.duf
LT Walls Color 02.duf
LT Walls Color 03.duf
LT Walls Color 04.duf
LT Walls Color 05.duf

Textures Include:

176 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (4096 x4096 to 1024 x 1024 )

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