Medieval Ukraine Market for Poser

Medieval Ukraine Market for Poser

This country market has a large internal area, with open booth spaces that can face inward or outward, and farmers and other folk can sell their goods under a thatched, roofed structure. Several carts are included and filled with country goods. This small market is suitable for representing any market of medieval Eastern Europe.

Medieval Ukraine Village for Poser is a collection of 3D models based on the medieval history of Ukraine and the lands of the Kievan Rus' circa 9th-11th century.

Complete Building; Melon Cart, Pumpkin Cart, Barrel Cart, Sack Cart, Tray (7), plate, pot, pumpkin, watermelon, jug, string of onions, watermelons, Bottle (2)

Software: Poser 8+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio