Modular 3D Kits: Underground Dungeon Kit

Modular 3D Kits: Underground Dungeon Kit

Enjoy this dungeon construction kit, with cellblocks, rooms, hallways, crossing and a stair section. You can put together any kind of dungeon complex you wish with this kit. You get 16 pre made rooms, plus portals, torches and doors. The rooms are also broken down into components that you can load separately from its own folder, in case you just want to use individual walls, floors etc. All the models are baked with a lot of rubble and detail. Most of the wall sections have torches built into them, but you can also add your own where you want. The torches are emissive (DS Iray or Poser Superfly) and you can select them and load different strengths, depending on how much emission you want, or turn off the flame completely if you prefer. Please note that the Poser materials will work best in Superfly, as they are optimized for PBR.

The textures are highres, with up to 4K for indidvidual segments, and set up for PBR, with metalness and roughness for easy render. For closeup renders, you can use subdivision for Poser, or SubD for Iray, as the models are made to generally work well with subdivision in renders. The portal segments are very useful when you connect more than one room together. They will cover the seams between the rooms, and come with an open portal, double doors, grate and spikes, depending on how you want to separate the rooms. All the rooms are broken up in components, each wall, floor, ceiling, so that you can easily show/hide them for easy camera use. Note that the component models are not completely in the center, as they are built to load automatically to fit their original rooms. All doors can be opened and closed, and rotate around the hinges.

The following is included:
5 Cellblock rooms
5 Corridors
2 Crossings (T cross and 4 cross)
2 Large halls/rooms
1 Small room/storage room
1 Stair section
Components folder with all rooms broken up in their separate walls.
4 Portals (Doors, Open, Grate, Spikes)
1 Wall torch
1 Floor torch
6 Chains

This product is fully compatible with both Poser and Daz Studio and comes with separate zips for each program.

Poser Pro 11, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, Poser 12

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio