Of The Magical Places

Of The Magical Places

Of The Magical Places is a beautiful environment prop set for DAZ Studio that you don't want to miss.

The package contains the following:

Scene Prop Set

!OTMP Preload.duf
OTMP Bridge.duf
OTMP Bush.duf
OTMP Fog Layer.duf
OTMP Ivy.duf
OTMP Lake.duf
OTMP Lamp.duf
OTMP Occlusion Plane.duf
OTMP Pavilion.duf
OTMP Rocks.duf

2 HDRI ready to render backgrounds

OTMP Environment Day
OTMP Environment Night

23 dome variations

Dome Rotate 135
Dome Rotate 180
Dome Rotate 225
Dome Rotate 270
Dome Rotate 315
Dome Rotate 45
Dome Rotate 90
Dome Rotate Default
Headlamp Off
Headlamp On
Matte Fog Off
Matte Fog On
EnvMap 025
EnvMap 05
EnvMap 075
EnvMap 15
EnvMap Def
EnvTint Default
EnvTint Var 1
EnvTint Var 2.
EnvTint Var 3
EnvTint Var 4
EnvTint Var 5

8 ghost emission lights

OTMP Light From Back
OTMP Light From Bottom
OTMP Light From Ceiling
OTMP Light From Floor
OTMP Light From Front
OTMP Light From Left
OTMP Light From Right
OTMP Light From Top

5 light shades

OTMP Light Shade Beige.
OTMP Light Shade Bright
OTMP Light Shade Default
OTMP Light Shade Red
OTMP Light Shade Yellow

1 light set for the lamp

20 location poses for Genesis 8 Female

!0 Zero Pose
!Move To Bottom Step A
!Move To Bottom Step B
!Move To Bottom Step
!Move To Bridge A
!Move To Bridge B
!Move To Bridge C
!Move To Middle Steps
!Move To Platform Base
!Move To Platform Edge A
!Move To Platform Edge B
!Move To Platform Edge
!Move To Platform.
!Rotate -135
!Rotate -45
!Rotate -90
!Rotate 135
!Rotate 180
!Rotate 45
!Rotate 90

12 poses for Genesis 8 Female including inverted

Sitting 01 INV
Sitting 01
Sitting 02 INV
Sitting 02
Standing 01 INV
Standing 01
Standing 02 INV
Standing 02
Walking 01 INV
Walking 01
Walking 02 INV
Walking 02

Additional Features:

52 individual shaders including tiles and surface settings
19 DS mat files
93 diffuse, transparency, bump and displacement files
2 8K HDR files
7 Camera settings
Read Me contains a set of instructions on how to load the individual shaders including the emission lights for the lamp and the sitting poses for Genesis 8 Female.

Thank you for your interest in my products, if you happen to use them in your renders, please let me know, I would love to see them.

Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Requirements:  DAZ Studio 4.20

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio