The Old Library for Poser

The Old Library for Poser

The Old Library is thought to be the first library in the City of Vampires. Though the number of volumes are limited, borrowers are surprised to find works thought lost in ages past or tomes written by the Great Old Ones. Powerful, dark enchantments keep any volume from being removed from the Old Library without the express permission of the Librarian. The Old Library is a towering column of black marble tiling, with a sinister spider/squid roofcap with radiant shining lamps like eyes. One enters through the bottom floor, where one writes their name in the great book - only then can those who walk can open the door to the stairs up. Vampires are not so limited, with each floor containing a lamp enshrouded Vampire Door in the ceiling. The upper floors feature grand bookcases, study tables and ever lit candles. A few mysterious paintings adorn the walls, showing previous and famous visitors to the library.

Components: book (2), candle, chair, ceiling lamp, Nosferatu Fleeing Sun Painting, Vlad Tepes Painting, Faust Painting, podium, pulpit, scroll, shelf, table (2), complete model.

Also includes an alternative "Dirty" texture set.

The City of Vampires exists in a netherworld, a city of black stone resting on a stone island in a sea of mist. Its denizens are from countries unknown to each other, seemingly walking into the city by accident. Seeing neither sun or moon, but hazy orbs beyond a cloudy sky, the wary vacate the streets during the Dark Hour, for it is then that the monsters walk freely.

Software: Poser 8+

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