Paris Coffee Kiosk

Paris Coffee Kiosk

Here is a Parisian coffee kiosk classically designed with the shape and colors typical of Paris, France.

The Parisian Coffee Kiosk is intended to be set into the included Paris riverfront walkway landscape, but it can be put into any scene setting that you desire. Two sets of flowering trees (six flowering apple trees and six flowering cherry trees for the Spring season) are included with the Kiosk and Landscape.

The Parisian Coffee Kiosk is made of light green painted metal and has blond aluminium features. Inside its wrap-around glass are shelves on both sides, lower cabinets, a small chrome sink with faucet, and an interior overhead light. Eighteen (18) coffee-related objects are provided that can be arranged as you like inside the kiosk or on the tables and chairs. Among these objects are a detailed espresso machine and a coffee bean grinder, a glass coffee carafe on a hot plate, two different styles of cups, saucers, spoons, and fruit in a metal basket. Since this is Paris, there are croissants and baguettes, as well as fruit and Danish pastries.

The Coffee Kiosk is accompanied by a menu chalkboard specifying the coffee drinks that are available and their prices, a typical Parisian cafe table and a typical Parisian cafe chair.

The landscape in which this kiosk could sit has a section of old stone bridge under which the kiosk is nestled, a stone walkway underneath the bridge, sloping grassed terrains with boulders, a riverbed and two alternative sections of river. One, a high resolution river has "Spring-flood" water flows modeled into the surface. The second alternative is a riverbody with small ripples put onto a very-low-polygon-count flat plane via use of a normals map for the river material.

The landscape is intended to be populated with plants and other features of your choosing.

For this package, a variety of high-quality plants and trees are included for the Spring Season. These include the six young flowering apple trees with white blossoms and six young cherry trees with dense pink blossoms, previously mentioned. There also are six low green berberis shrubs with new Spring growth in their top leaves, and six boulders. You can places these plants in any arrangement on the landscape that you like.

In total, there are fifty-two (52) individual props in this collection, all of which can be used in other ways and in other settings. For example, you might want to take the glass coffee carafe, cups and saucers and use them in one of your dinner table or office scenes. The coffee kiosk could be put in a busy street scene, or you could make an evening wine scene by the River, using some additional props.


All the props are in *.obj file format.

Some of the following product pictures include people. The human figures are not part of this collection of props. The pictures with people are presented as examples of scenes that could be made with these props.

An available add-on package for this Paris Coffee Kiosk, not included here, provides a different set of European Linden (Tilla cordata) trees for the Fall Season with Fall leaf litter, and a set of green Summer Season Linden trees. Linden trees are typical of Paris riverfronts.

Requirements:  Any program that opens obj files.

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