PARIS - Streets & Avenues for DS Iray

PARIS - Streets & Avenues for DS Iray

It is not mandatory to have the other packs of the Paris series to use this product. All files are provided. However, it has been designed to integrate perfectly with the other packs in the series (eg. metro, integrate into a sidewalk section that can be tiled with the other sidewalk sections). The road modules are studied to
join perfectly with the sidewalks of the other packs.


- preload example
- Clock fully rigged
- Colonne Morris
- Kiosk
- Metro station entrance (with stair and subway section part)
- Pole (can be used with streets plates)
- Pole chain (modulable)
- 4 Streets lamps (5 branchs, 3 branchs, 1 simple, 1 can be placed on the facade of a building
- Traffic light fully rigged + 4 mats poses (light green, light orange, light red)
- Trash can
- Tree
- 8 Medians
- 12 Road tileables modules + 2 road styles (cobblestone, asphalt) + 2 mats poses lines ON/OFF
- Street sign fully rigged + 5 mats poses with real names places in Paris
- Pole for road signs (58) + 2 preload examples
- 30 Street plates with real names in Paris

- 85 Texture maps up to 4096x4096

The product is located in: Props > Christophe3D > Paris > Street

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio