Retro-Motel Building Set

Retro-Motel Building Set

The Retro-Motel Building
Richabri (Rick Bridenbaker)

The Retro-Motel is an 14-piece (PP2) prop set replicating a vintage motel setting
from the 1950's era. Although designed primarily to be used as an external building
prop set, it also comes with some minimal interior furnishings and the modular wall
design allows for setting up interior scenes as well.

The set features a 'stacked' design with the '!!!Upper Base' prop stacked on
top of the '!!!Lower Base' prop which is stacked on top of the '!!!Grounds'
prop. The roof, front and back walls are also supplied as separate props
making it easier to access the interior spaces for setting up interior

The Retro-Motel also comes with a PZ3 file that will load in the complete
set with a default lighting scheme and all render parameters set to go.

The Retro-Motel set includes everything you need to set up a motel scene including:

Props (PP2):

!!!Lower Base
!!!Upper Base

!Key Board
!Vending Machine

Bathroom Fixtures
Room Furniture

Everything comes as Poser ready props that can be loaded from the content
palette under the Props section or for even easier use, load the PZ3 scene
file that will load in the props with a default lighting rig.

The Retro-Motel also comes with all of the texture templates to allow
you to give the props a custom look of your own design.

You will need Poser 5 (or higher) or Daz Studio to use this set.

Poser 6, Poser 7+, Poser Pro 2010+, Daz Studio 3, Poser Pro 2014 & Game Dev, Daz Studio 4, Poser 9+

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