Santa Sleigh Garage and Launch Pad for Poser

Santa Sleigh Garage and Launch Pad  for Poser

Santa's Sleigh Garage and launcher is where Santa's sleigh is kept in tip top condition - and also the place where much of the last minute loading takes place. Features a large work room, with tins of paint to touch up the sleigh, hoses and other tools - and it also includes a sleigh and santa's bag! Inside new features include elven lamps, hydrolic doors and controls - up on the runway, Santa now has running lights for landing in foggy weather.

The version also includes a version of the Ice Mountain Texture Set, transforming the warm yellows and reds of Toon Santa's villages into icy winter wonderlands.

Contains: 52 texture maps, santa's bag, brush (6), brushes group (2), bucket, cover, gifts, elven light (2), paint (4), paint pots group (2), present (8) shelves (2), santa's sleigh, snow (3), sponge, broom, water pump, building

Software: Poser 7+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio