Sci Fi Girl's Room for DS

Sci Fi Girl's Room for DS

Sci-Fi Girl's Room for DAZ Studio

The space mission to the base of Neptune is a long journey.
She is a young girl who grows up, alone, lost in the vastness of space. The ship is huge. She has had her room since the start of the trip ...
There are still a few years to arrive ; 2389 Days, 7 hours,36 minutes,58 seconds...

This scene is very detailed. more than 46 items make up this set. each are independent. the room can be used alone or with its items.
The structure is composed of a bedroom, a hall, an entrance hall and a shower room.
The floor and the ceiling can be lighted independently.
The glass in the ship's windows can be eclipsed.
The furniture and cabin doors open.

10 camera presets are provided.

Background, Clothing, Hairs, Character on images are NOT included!

This package contains:

(Scene Set)

Girl Room Full Scene.duf
SFGR Items.duf
SFGR Empty Room.duf
SFGR Lockers Set.duf
SFGR Desk.duf

Props :

SFGR Armchair
SFGR Backpack 01
SFGR Backpack 02
SFGR Book01
SFGR Book02
SFGR Book03
SFGR Books 01
SFGR Books 02
SFGR Books 03
SFGR Box 01
SFGR Boxes
SFGR Carpet
SFGR ClothesPile01
SFGR clothesPile02
SFGR clothesPile03
SFGR ClothesPile04
SFGR Clothespin
SFGR Computer
SFGR Couch
SFGR Cover 01
SFGR Cover 02
SFGR Cupboard Door 01
SFGR Cupboard Door 02
SFGR Cupboard Door 03
SFGR Elephant
SFGR Game Box 01
SFGR Game Box 02
SFGR Game Box 03
SFGR Game Box 04
SFGR Gate Left
SFGR Gate Right
SFGR Headphones
SFGR Kimidoll 01
SFGR Kimidoll 02
SFGR Kimidoll 03
SFGR Kimidoll 04
SFGR Lapin Cretin
SFGR Locker Body
SFGR Locker Door 01
SFGR Locker Door 02
SFGR Locker Door 03
SFGR Locker Door 04
SFGR Magazine 01
SFGR Magazine 02
SFGR Magazine 03
SFGR Magazine 04
SFGR Magazine 05
SFGR Magazine 06
SFGR Notebook 01
SFGR OpenBook
SFGR Paper Bag
SFGR Papercup 01
SFGR Papercup 02
SFGR Papercup 03
SFGR Papercup Cap
SFGR Pencils Set
SFGR Pillows 01
SFGR Pillows 02
SFGR Pineapple Box
SFGR Pineapple Top Box
SFGR Pineapple TopBox 02
SFGR Pizza Boxes
SFGR Pizza Part
SFGR Plastic Box
SFGR Postcard 14
SFGR Poster 01
SFGR Poster 02
SFGR Poster 03
SFGR Poster 04
SFGR Poster 05
SFGR Postits 01
SFGR Postits 02
SFGR Rocket Toy
SFGR Rubikcube
SFGR Shoes 01
SFGR Shoes 02
SFGR Toy Dog

Materials Iray (.DUF)

Girl Room Full Scene.duf
SFGR Celling Light OFF.duf
SFGR Celling Light ON.duf
SFGR Empty Room.duf
SFGR Floor Light OFF.duf
SFGR Floor Light ON.duf
SFGR Glass Cabin OFF.duf
SFGR Glass Cabin ON.duf
SFGR Items.duf

Textures Include:

210 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (4096 x 4096 to 512 x 512 )

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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